Making Complex Simple

Leveraging decades of digital analytics and artificial intelligence experience.

How DMscore was born…

The idea for DMscore started as a discussion between founder Dan Weeks and an attorney friend. The attorney told Dan: “I don’t know if I should fire my online marketing company or recommend them to my closest friends. I am paying them $2,500 a month!”.

In this conversation Dan realized that online marketing was more complex than traditional marketing channels, such as the yellow pages, and that professional service providers did not have the time or interest in becoming online marketing experts. Service providers wanted a simple way to decide what to invest in online marketing, and how to measure its performance.

Out of this idea DMscore (Digital Marketing score) was born. DMscore makes it simple for professional service providers to grow their business. To deliver this vision, the company created a platform to pull in thousands of data sources with website crawlers and then use artificial intelligence to convert the data into simple, actionable information. The platform was built with the most advanced architecture, supporting REST APIs and Widgets to enable partners to easily integrate DMscore technology into their websites.

Contact Information and Location

DMscore is based in Palo Alto, the heart of the California tech industry, down the street from Stanford University, in an office formerly used by the founders of PayPal.

502 Waverley St. #302
Palo Alto, CA 94301

Phone: +1 (650) 427-0070

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