A new way of measuring digital marketing performance
and local competition

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What is DMscore?

Designed for white-collar professionals, DMscore offers a variery of easy to understand and actionable digital marketing analytics that can help businesses improve their digital marketing performance and attract more, better clients.

The DMscore suite is available in two forms:

  • as a white-label versatile widget, providing the ultimate tool for CRMs/Practice Management Systems
  • through our intuitive, user-friendly DMScore Dashboard for professionals
  • Local competition analysis

    White-collar professionals can easily optimize their local marketing strategy.

  • Multiple data sources

    We review numerous search engines and Vertical Directories, such as Google, Bing, Avvo, Yelp and many more.

  • Score unique for each profession

    Our engine adapts to the requirements for each profession to create a relevant score.

  • AI-based algorithm

    Our AI algorithm automatically recognizes the most effective marketing components, according to region and time period.

How it works

A deeper look in the product components

Intelligent score

We use an AI-based algorithm to create a score that measures digital marketing performance, in relation to the local market competition.

Trending analysis

DMscore tracks performance over time, producing a detailed progress analysis, based on all the data we gather every two weeks.

Local competitors report

We automatically analyze and rank local competing websites, and generate a score for each of your competitors.

Actionable recommendations

Through a recommendation engine, specific, tailored fix-its are generated to help professionals raise their score and get more leads online.

Integrate the DMscore features to your platform effortlessly

  • Simple API
  • Full customization
  • Multiple delivery options (JSON, HTML, iframe)
  • 4 different widget formats
  • 1 full page dashboard

Loved by professionals

We make it easy for professionals to track their performance and maximize their ROI
through the DMscore dashboard.

As everything moves online, digital marketing is the future of your medical practice.

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