Partner FAQs

The frequently-asked questions below are common questions asked about the DMscore Partner Program. If your questions are not answered below, please contact Dan Weeks, VP of Data and Affiliates for DMscore at (650) 352-3976 or

What are the benefits to becoming a DMscore partner?

DMscore provides the following benefits to partners:

  • New Demand
  • Exclusive, High Quality Leads
  • Defined Scope
  • Proof of Expertise
What services can I offer to DMscore clients?

Currently, DMscore recommends services in 5 categories:

  1. Content (Blog Content with Links, Site Content Outside of Blogs with Links)
  2. “Find A Lawyer” Directory Service Presence (Maximize Free Lawyer Directory Coverage, Targeted Paid Lawyer Directory Positions)
  3. Website (Simple Template Based Mobile Friendly Website, Fully Custom Website)
  4. Social Media Management
  5. On-Line Chat Service

DMscore constantly adds new service categories, so please contact us if you would like to add additional marketing services to our members.

How does DMscore generate new demand for my service?

DMscore creates demand for marketing services by exposing lawyers to a prioritized list of previously unknown opportunities to improve their client acquisition strategy.

Why are DMscore leads better than other leads I receive?

DMscore gives partners exclusive access to many of the leads, giving you the opportunity to win business in a non-competitive environment.

How does DMscore define the scope of projects that I am given?

Unlike generic lead-generation websites, DMscore provides a well-defined scope of work for service providers through targetted “Fix It Now” suggestions to the law firm, making it easy to bid on the work.The partner not only receives the contact from the potential client, but also a detailed report of the client’s web-presence created by the DMscore system.

How do I become a DMscore partner, to get work with DMscore clients?

The first step is completing the Partner Request Form. DMscore will contact you after your submission of the form. If selected, DMscore will determine which of the “Fix It Now” solutions your firm will be qualified for.

How does the partnership between a marketing service provider and DMscore work?

There are four steps in closing business with DMscore clients:

  1. Receive Lead
    When a DMscore member wants to improve their online marketing, they will submit a request for one of your services.
  2. Make Proposal
    You respond to all requests, with a detailed proposal, directly through the DMscore system.
  3. Win Business
    When the client accepts your proposal, directly in the DMscore system, you begin work together.
  4. Get Paid
    DMscore facilitates payments for services to make sure everyone is paid, on time.
How much do DMscore leads cost?

Your cost for each lead is tied to the value of the work being requested by the customer, and the number of partners sent the request. The more partners sent the lead, the lower the cost for receiving it.

Additionally, on a monthly basis, you pay DMscore a revenue share on the account (as defined in your partnership agreement).

How do I know if I have exclusive access to a DMscore lead?

DMscore lets our clients pick 1 to 3 partners to provide a quote on each service, but the default is to send the request to 1 partner. You will be informed if the request is exclusive to you or not.

How does DMscore make money?

DMscore makes partner revenue through the following methods:

  1. An upfront charge for leads sent to you (cost will vary according to service and exclusivity)
  2. A revenue share for all work you do for the DMscore client after the bid introduction. (The revenue share percentage is defined in your partner contract and ramps down over 3 years.)
How does DMscore measure the satisfaction for a marketing service provider?

If you are working with a DMscore member, DMscore will track the satisfaction of the member on a monthly basis. The member will answer a simple set of monthly satisfaction questions to maintain their “satisfaction guaranteed” relationship with the partner, including the one-month exit clause.

Affiliates with higher satisfaction scores will get more leads.

How does DMscore obtain the initial lawyer satisfaction scores for a new partner?

When a new partner signs up, DMscore obtains satisfaction scores from current clients for the partner. The satisfaction scores must be tied to a single, defined scope, service.

Over time, as the new partner works with DMscore members, the satisfaction of those members will be tracked independently from the satisfaction scores for previous clients, eventually completely replacing previous client feedback in the DMscore system.

Can DMscore integrate our CRM system to automate the sales funnel?

Yes. DMscore uses Salesforce as a CRM system, and our goal is to integrate all the major CRM systems used by marketing service providers.

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