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Do you have an online marketing service that drives leads to lawyers, or helps them convert those leads into new clients?

If so, then DMscore is a great partner for you. We use web crawlers and artificial intelligence to measure a lawyer’s online marketing presence, then suggest ways for him/her to improve that presence in order to attract more, better clients. And those suggestions lead to more clients for our partners.

If your service helps lawyers with online client acquisition, we would like to partner with you to drive new customers to your business. Scroll on, or click one of the buttons below to find out more.


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Partner Benefits

New Demand

DMscore creates demand for marketing services by exposing lawyers to previously-unknown opportunities to improve their client acquisition strategy.

Exclusive Leads

DMscore gives partners exclusive access to leads, giving them the opportunity to win business in a non-competitive environment.

Defined Scope

Unlike generic lead-generation websites, DMscore provides a well-defined scope of work for service providers, making it easy to bid on the work.

Proof of Expertise

DMscore measures and publishes the results of your services, as well as ongoing customer feedback, enabling you to demonstrate how well your service works for clients.

How Partnership Works

1. Receive Leads

When a DMscore client wants to improve their online marketing, they will submit a request for your service.

2. Make Proposals

You can respond to all requests with a detailed proposal for work, directly through the DMscore system.

3. Win Business

The client accepts your proposal directly in the DMscore system, and you begin work together.

4. Get Paid

DMscore facilitates payments for services to make sure everyone is paid, on time.

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