Frequently Asked Questions

The frequently-asked questions below are common questions asked about DMscore membership. If your questions are not answered below please contact us at (650) 352-3976 or

What does DMscore measure?

DMscore measures a lawyer’s complete online presence, including rank on Google, website on-page SEO characteristics, social media presence, legal directory presence and hundreds of additional online factors. The measurements are constantly tuned using artificial intelligence to determine the most important online client acquisition factors.

How can DMscore guarantee my satisfaction?

DMscore is able to provide a satisfaction guarantee because we not only track the results of partner service work, but receive monthly member feedback on member satisfaction with every service provided by every partner.

How does DMscore measure my online presence?

DMscore uses web crawlers to measure hundreds of online marketing factors that influence online client acquisition, from website characteristics, to Google and social media factors.

How does DMscore use artificial intelligence?

DMscore uses artificial intelligence to tune and weight all measurements so that the DMscore can be better correlated to online client acquisition.

How does the DMscore recommendations or “fix-it-now” process work?

Based on artificial intelligence that monitors the online presence of clients, DMscore will make recommendations to members for how to improve their online client acquisition. These recommendations will be shown to members at various locations in our website.

If a member would like help implementing a recommendation, they simply click on the “fix it now!” button and are able to contact a service partner to get a quote on the service. After the service partner provides a proposal, the member can choose to accept it through DMscore. Only after a proposal is accepted is the service partner given the member’s contact information.

How does DMscore rate service partners?

DMscore tracks the satisfaction of each member regarding each service on a monthly basis. To gauge satisfaction, the member is requested to answer a simple set of satisfaction questions. The member needs to complete this survey each month in order to maintain their “satisfaction guaranteed” relationship with the partner, including the one-month exit clause.

How does DMscore make money?

DMscore makes money through two methods:

  1. Members who pay for premium service, which includes ongoing tracking of their website and their competitors.
  2. Partner revenue share from service partners that provide services to DMscore members.
Why should I trust my DMscore?

DMscore is a trusted third-party, similar to a credit agency or the Consumer Reports organization. We do not offer online marketing services to our members and succeed by providing our members with a score that correlates to their online client acquisition.

As a Silicon Valley company, we use the most advanced artificial intelligence technology to constantly improve that correlation, to better service our members.

Does DMscore only work in the legal industry?

Currently DMscore works in the legal industry, but the technology is being prepared to launch in other professional service industries in late 2016.

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