• 1. Measure
    DMscore uses artificial intelligence to create a free, intuitive score that measures the success of your digital marketing efforts in your local market.
  • 2. Improve
    DMscore delivers powerful tools and advice to drive more, better clients to your business.
  • 3. Track
    DMscore tracks all changes to the digital marketing activities for you and your competitors over time, helping you understand who is winning in your market.

DMscore empowers legal professionals to grow their business.

Measure. Improve. Track.

Measure: Our patent-pending, artificial intelligence technology evaluates and ranks hundreds of online marketing factors to provide a single score that measures the success of your marketing efforts by practice area in a local market.

Improve: Our tools, expert advice, and partnerships with best-in-class service providers, improve your marketing, driving more, better clients to your business.

Track: We track changes to marketing for you and your competitors, over time, helping you understand who is winning clients and why.

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DMscore Features

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DMscore Dashboard

The DMscore dashboard is your control center. On this page you can get your DMscore, see the average score for your region and see scores for your selected competitors. You can also dig into the DMscore details and see recommendations for how to improve your online client acquisition.

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Detailed DMscore Report

The DMscore detailed report provides you with the details about how your DMscore was calculated, as well as opportunities for improving your score in the various sub-categories of your score.

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Local Rankings

The local rankings provides you with a list of all lawyers and firms in your region and practice area. For each lawyer/firm, you can see their DMscore as well as the details for the sub-categories of their score.

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Competitor Rankings

The competitor rankings provides you with a list of your competitors both in a map and list view. It allows you to change your selected competitors at any time. You can see the DMscore for each competitor, as well as the details for the sub-categories of their score.

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Improvement Advice

We measure hundreds of online factors to give you your score. During that measurement, our artificial intelligence engine produces detailed improvement advice for your online presence, ranging from improvements to your website to upgrades to your social marketing, and everything in-between. We provide you with these recommendations, as well as trusted partners who will do this work if you don’t want to.

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DMscore Scenarios (in development)

DMscore scenarios allow you simulate changes to your online presence and understand how those changes will affect your overall DMscore. A scenario then translates to a recommended set of upgrades to your online presence that will most effectively win you more, better clients.

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Monthly Competition Tracker (in development)

The Monthly competition tracker allows you to see how your DMscore, and the DMscore of your selected competitors, are trending over time. You can change your competitors to track at any time.

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Historical Reports (in development)

Our historical reports repository stores all of the monthly DMscore reports that have been produced for you. You can dig into this archive any time to see how things have changed.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

Because we track the ongoing performance of all our service partners, we are able to guarantee your satisfaction with their service. (See the details here.)

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