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Six ways to optimize your blog post for SEO

Lawyers are always being advised… content is king… blog, blog, blog.  But is creating great content enough? In previous articles, we’ve analyzed how valuable maintaining a legal blog can be for building your online presence and SEO. Additionally, we’ve established the...

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How Searcher Behavior Impacts Lawyer SEO

In our last blog post we studied the pros and cons of search engine optimization (SEO) versus search engine marketing (SEM). Today we are going to dig a little further into SEO. First, the basics... for those who don’t know SEO. SEO makes your site relevant for target...

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What does the future of legal marketing look like?

If you’re keeping up with trends in legal marketing, you know that improving your online presence is essential to growing your client base today. In the future, it will be even more important. Business development and marketing haven't always been necessary skills for...

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5 Ways to Use Facebook to Win Clients

Facebook is the biggest social network–almost everyone over the age of 15 uses it. (My kids don’t use it, but that’s another story.) Nearly 8 in 10 American adults have Facebook profiles, and 76% of Facebook users use the site every day. With this kind of reach, it...

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4 tips to build your legal brand online

Every product or service has a brand–whether it’s a candy bar or a sports team, we recognize companies based on the way they set themselves apart from their competition. The same logic applies to law firms, especially now that most consumers are going online to find...

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Why Millennials Go Online to Find Lawyers

We know that most consumers are now going online to find and vet legal counsel. However, out of all consumers using the internet to find attorneys, millennials are the most likely to start their lawyer search online. But why should we care about millennials–they’re...

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