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In Los Angeles, Yelp is First, and Diligence is Key

Now that we have completed the analysis of Google traffic for top terms to lawyer websites and directories for Los Angeles County, today we will make some final points combining the data. In future Friday analyses, we will also compare the current county data to other...

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2017 Search Success Study – Schedule

After announcingDMscore’s 2017 Search Success Study on Sunday, we are now publishing our initial schedule of counties to be produced in this study, below. If you would like to see your county moved forward on the schedule, please reach out to us at

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Los Angeles Lawyers are Losing Google Traffic!

The first set of results from DMscore’s 2017 Search Success Study are in, and they show some surprising takeaways for Los Attorneys attorneys attempting to find clients through digital marketing. In this post, we will estimate where consumers click when they search LA...

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Introducing DMscore’s 2017 Search Success Study

We are happy to announce that DMscore will begin publishing the results of our 2017 Search Success Study this week. With county-by-county research in California, this study will show who is succeeding in getting the most clicks from consumers searching for personal...

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